Saturday, January 27, 2007

Mad about the Boy!

Hey Guys,

Hopefully ya'll can see this picture. This is a so....... cute........boys line we ordered by Cloud 9. I picked this for Shereene King. This reminded me of her son Austin. What you cannot see is the paper is glossy, and embossed. We are seeing alot of paper that is glossyshiney, embossed, glittered and textured with felt. We ordered from SEI tonight. Yes, we ordered one more boys line. It is the year of the boy. I did order a girl line also. They gave us a GREAT pack of paper and a T-shirt FREE.

Be ready for lots of surprises for the New Year. Fun thoughts are brewing and festive times are coming. We have some great things planned for you guys. I will post more pics tomorrow. We begin buying at 9:00 a.m. Yea! More tomorrow.

India And Nonna


Jennifer,  5:31 AM  

I like that frog paper!