Saturday, January 27, 2007

India And Nonna's Big Adventure

Hey Guys,

We will now begin journaling India and Nonna's Big Adventure to Aneheim. I guess ya'll have noticed on the news of delayed air travel. We have experienced it first hand. Lets begin in Birmingham. We were delayed an hour out of Birmingham. Making us late for our connecting flight in Dallas. As it turns out all flights were late in Dallas. We hopped on the tram at the Dallas Airport and stalled on the track. We finally got to the right gate and were one of the last to board. Of course we laughed alot. And so here we are in sunny California. By the way they are having a cold snap of 57 degree weather at night and they are wearing gloves.

We went to the Aussie Cookbook class and love the technique of layering. Nonna is planning a class on this soon. Go to and check out the gallery. They are the most beautiful layouts I have ever seen.

We are now going to a few seminars and will continue with pictures later and more stories of India and Nonna's Big Adventure. We will be at the SEI party tonight. YEA!

India and Nonna


Sharon 8:12 PM  

Hey, girls, have fun. You two deserve a great time!!