Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hey Guys,
India and Nonna's big adventure continues. What a great day we have had. We met Elsie Flannagan and ordered some of her new products. We walked, ordered product and met some old friends. We laughed at each other a lot. Nonna made some great Make-N-Takes. Tim
Holtz has the greatest make-n-take. There was a line so we have not been able to participate yet. Hus new products are GREAT!
I had a wonderful converstion with someone who has been in scrapbooking a long time. Anna Griffin. She is such a beautiful person. I did order some of her product. Her papers are classically beautiful. This will be different for our store but great fun. Heads up: she will be on QVC Tuesday.
We are working on some Midnight Maniac Specials for our event. Hopfully they will work out.
Basic Grey was great as always and I have a surprise for you Hoover Buc and McAdory Yellow Jacket fans.
Here are some pics for you. I have some of these coming to the store. I got so busy ordering I forgot to take more pictures.
I will post more on the web. Each of you have been so great in participating in our contest. We want to honor ya'll by giving away our product from CHA. We will give it out at our party Febuary 10th. I am so glad ya'll are interested in meeting each other. More tomorrow.
India and Nonna


Cheryl Wray 8:22 PM  

So funny--I just went to Elsie's blog and drooled over the line she's introducing at CHA and I said to myself, "I sure wish that India and Nonna would order some of her stuff!" Yippee!!! I'm SO glad you are!! I'll be the first in line!

Jennifer,  5:30 AM  

love the pink tote!