Sunday, September 10, 2006

Birthday Surprise!

Hey Guys,

Well I had a very lovely quiet Saturday. I did have to make several runs to the store to pick up paper or tape runner. I love scrapbooking on a quiet Saturday afternoon and watching T.V. or a movie. Saturday night it was scrapbooking and the U.S. Open. My girl Sharapova won. Did ya'll know I love tennis. I used to play (for fun) when I was younger. I have loved it ever since.

My birthday is September 15th and today my church gave me a surprise birthday party. I was s0........surprised. It is an important birthday because I will be 50. Believe me 40 was a shock but 50 is a even bigger one. I still feel 30. I promise you my son keeps me young. Anyway my husband gave me a new digital camera. It is I just love it. I feel like a pro. My church gave me a bunch of money. I think I will buy Photoshop Elements with the money. I had fun all afternoon. Happy Birthday to me.

We have a lot of new product coming this week and some BIRTHDAY SPECIALS. Be watching your e-mail. By the way Happy Birthday to Pam Johnston.

Maniac Madness is coming.

See ya'll soon,



Jenney 3:52 AM  

Happy early birthday, India!! I hope you enjoy that camera! I can't wait to see the pics you take with it!!

Angela 2:55 PM  

Sounds like turning 50 is the bomb!
No better way to celebrate other than awesome friends and family!

Congrats on the new camera!