Saturday, April 24, 2010


I know fans of Scrapbook Mania have fallen in love with card making. Copic Markers make
it so.......much fun. But I sat down tonight and started scrapbooking a layout.I love scrapbooking.
I always will. There is something about looking at a picture and envisioning it on a
particular paper and the vision of some fun embellishments that help tell a story. I had to use a
sketch to get started (what did I ever do without them)? Remember the days of punches,
stickers and paper.Never thought about a sketch. Anyone else? Anyway I want to remind everyone that cards are so........much fun but Scrapbook Mania also still loves scrapbooking.
Remember, cards send a beautiful message and scrapbooking tells a beautiful life story.
This week we will be getting in products for Scrapbookers and Card Makers. Come
check them out for inspiration and experience the sheer joy of a NEW stamp for the perfect card or
NEW paper to tell that tells a story. See you at Scrapbook Mania.


Scrapin Kat 2:09 PM  

Yes... Paper is the heart of our worlds... but we tend to jump from different items creating treasures!
Hope you have a great week!