Friday, April 23, 2010

GOOD NEWS! Pre-Order NEW Magnolia Stamps! Kit Sale!

The Magnolia Stamps and the NEW Magnolia magazine have shipped and will be here on Thursday, April 29th. MORE GOOD NEWS! The Copic Markers have shipped.
and will be here next week. I know everyone has been waiting patiently for them.
Boy next week is going to be busy!

Thursday is the first day our "Scrap in Wonderland" 3 day crop. The crop is SOLD
OUT! Those attending will receive a page kit created by Christine, 5 meals with a
special TEA PARTY on Saturday. Fun prizes and gifts. I am so.....excited. We will
kick it off with a Pizza Party on Thursday night.

Kit sale! Saturday and Monday we will be hosting a past kit sale. Most of these kits are
from classes and page kits from events. The kits will sale for $7, $5 and $2. Come check
them out.

O.K. here are the NEW Magnolia Stamps we will be ordering. I am taking pre-orders so
I will know how many to buy. Just call the store and let me know which ones you want.

Saturday May 1st is National Scrapbook Day. Scrapbook Mania has some special deals
going on. We will also be serving cake and punch that day for everyone. We open
at 9:00 so come by and check us out. You will be glad you did. More about this on