Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Quickutz Sale! Olympics!

O.K. the product is finally here for a huge Quickutz sale. Yes, I brought in some more dies for this sale. All dies are 40% off for everyone and all Revolutions are $69.99. Yea! That is a wicked deal. We have a good selection of dies to pick from. This sale goes through August 31st. Alaphabets and other Quickutz products are not included. Just the 4 x 4 and 2 x 2 dies. This does not include the July release dies. All border dies are included.

I am also becoming a certified Silhoutte teacher. I will let you know when my class is through. I have to start working on it. But I have to pass a test! Ugh! That is hard at my age. More on that later.

O.K. how many of you are watching the Olympics? How about some red, white, and blue fun. Just reply to this post and type USA.....USA.....USA... and your favorite sport so far and you name will be in a drawing to win some red, white, and blue product plus a cool flag stamp by Technique Tuesday.

Do not forget that everything in our 40% bin is now an extra 20% off. Sale ends on Saturday. By the way I have put some fun product in there.

Hey look at this cool card. Yes, I have this fun hula stamp in my store.



Stephanie 4:13 PM  


Hey India! We have been watching some of the Olympics. We are enjoying swimming and of course, gymnastics!

Stephanie Hall

Jeanette 5:31 PM  


We've watched the swimming, gymnastics, and volley ball. But I have to say, my fave so far is what I'm watching right this minute, synchronized diving, WOW!

Jerri junque 6:00 PM  

Well, I haven't watched alot but really got into Field Hockey this morning...Don't know if I have ever watch hockey before....It ended in a tie..So I have to watch on Thursday now..

Lisa 6:24 PM  


I love watching the gymnastics the most i think. but we've watched the synchronized diving and anything Michael Phelps does of course!

Linh Chin-Lai 6:25 PM  



Linh Chin-Lai 6:27 PM  

India, save one of those hula stamps for me, please!

Kay 6:35 PM  

I LOVE the GIRL'S Volleyball!!! Pretty intense!!!! go TEAM USA!!!

woo hoo.............

Julia 7:19 PM  


I've really loved the swimming--it's been so intense! And I always love the gymnastics.... Been trying to find equestrian, but it's hard to come by....BUT I've learned something about archery! More than anything, I've enjoyed the patriotism and team spirit that seems to have sprung up!!!

Anonymous,  6:05 AM  

I will save a stamp for you Linh!

leateach 6:51 AM  


I love the Olympics! My faves are the swimming and the gymnastics:)

LeAnne Noble

Melinda AKA medialady 7:09 AM  

Hey India! Hope you are having a great day!!
My favorite sport to watch is volleyball and swimming since those are the only two I can halfway do now - LOL!!!!! It's called the Granny Stroke!!!!

Anonymous,  9:22 AM  


We have been watching every night, it has been so exciting. I love the gymnastics, swimming, diving. Go Phelps!


Ruth Ellen 4:39 PM  


I have just been able to catch bits and pieces of the Olympics. But I did get to see the exciting men's relay live when the USA overtook France!!! AWESOME!!!!

Anonymous,  8:22 PM  

Love the Granny Stroke comment! Melinda you are so....funny.