Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy New Year Resolution!

O.K. I have a few minutes to update a little. The floor is painted and all the fixtures will be back in place on Monday. We have the Basic Grey 2 Scoops out as well as new Artic Frog and Tinkering Ink. We will have the newsletter out on Monday and the January kits will be ready by Friday. The new forum will be up by the 15th. The website has been moved and we are hoping to add a gallery soon. When the new forum is up we will be holding a new Bingo Game so be watching. I talked to Renee Pearson Thurdsay and we are working on her classes. They should be up next week. The cabinet for the Digital Center has shipped and it should be up and the digital center ready by the end of the month. The Silhoutte and the Epson printer will be fun to play with.

I know its at this time of year that people set goals. And I admit this is a weakness for me. My one main goal is to get Andrew graduated. This is my last year to homeschool so my goal is not to cry to much and pray God will give me the grace to accept that my job as teacher is done. I have to admit I do love teaching. I should do more at the store and maybe I will when the digital center gets up. I bet many of you are laughing as you read this because you need computer skills to do that. Maybe I will get some. Maybe that will be one of my goals. Hopefully I will have time for that.

I guess I do not set goals because God seems to change them with each passing moment. It seems my life is broken down to mini-goals. So.......I do have goals for today. And they are to finish this post, take a nap (I am a little sick), make dinner for my family and take down my Christmas tree.

I guess my life is full of mini-goals. I wonder, do goals have to be year long. If so, I hope to Scrapbook more, take a vacation, fast and pray the 4 days my son is on his first mission trip to Brazil, not to cry at his graduation. I also hope to visit with you guys more. I love having people in the store and seeing each of you at events. I have gotten to know so many of my customers and call ya'll my friends. So I hope to get to know each of you better. So I guess that is it. Oh! I also want to get my son settled into college.

Happy New Years Resolution!


P.S. I want to drink more water.


Melinda aka medialady,  3:47 PM  

I said I wouldn't cry either . . . but I did.

That is so true about when you set goals, God does have a way of changing them. Our SS lesson today was about pride and how we don't ask God about every decision we make; me just make them ourselves, whether they be large, small, important or not-so-important. The size of the decision does not matter to God because He is interested in all of our decisions which we should be letting Him guide us through.
OK, I know I am preaching to the choir so I will move on . . .
I can't wait to come and see the store!!! Kay and I plan on making a trip down there sometime this week I hope! We need to pay for the retreat!!! I can't wait!

Melinda aka medialady,  3:49 PM  

Sorry! I should have previewed first. I can't spell!

Anonymous,  5:05 PM  

We will have everything back in place tomorrow. I will be there Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.


Kelly D 8:06 PM  

Kelly 'Drinkwater' here! I am drinking more water this year too as one of my resolutions...LOL. It's supposed to help me lose weight. If it was just that easy.

I haven't been to the store in months because I'm doing digital scrapbooking now so I am so happy to hear about the digital centre you are setting up. I must come and check it out and see what it's all about!
Happy New Year!
(my only resolution is to spend more time in God's word. Or should I say just plain spend time in God's word because I don't do it at all right now unless it's for a bible group I am involved in. I have to make it a daily thing. Any suggestions on motivating myself to do that?).

Anonymous,  8:43 PM  


Come by and visit sometime. We have other customers who do digital.

I to struggle with bible study. I have a quiet time book I keep beside my bed and read at night and study the scripture in it. I would like to pray more. I have learned to turn off the music in the car and talk to God while I am driving. Oh! and also while I am in the shower. I know God loves wet prayers.