Monday, August 20, 2007

Crop updates and pictures

Our Come Get to Know Scrapbook Mania Party was so.......much fun. We got to meet some new people who instantly became friends. One more time my camera was on the blink but I grabbed a few pics before the batteries went dead.

Yes, we are holding a Back to School Crop on Saturday. I have had many calls about it today. I think we can take about 6 more people. The cost is $14 and that includes lunch and snacks. The time is 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Come and celebrate the kids being back in school.

We got in our Daisy D's today and oh my gosh the buttons are so........cute. I love everything. What do you do when you have to many buttons but these cute Spooky buttons seem to be calling your name. I am hearing voices. I must need scrapbook help. There should be some type of Scrapbook Hotline for addicts.

Our Heidi Grace and Cloud 9 is shipping Thursday and should be here next week. Also, our 50% off sale continues for another week. I added a few more items today.


Cheryl Wray 10:14 AM  

Okay, India, you said you took a GOOD picture of me. Who is that woman? and where did that double chin come from? LOL
the Get to Know you time was FUN!!