Saturday, August 18, 2007

Beautiful Saturday Morning!

Its a beautiful, but hot Saturday morning here in lovely Bessemer, Alabama. I love saying Bessemer with a slow and sometimes painful southern accent. When I travel out of state, people love hearing me say Bessemer, Alabama. Anyway it is a beautiful morning and I am so..........excited about the party this afternoon. I have bought chocolate cake and will order pizza later. I love people in the store and hope many of you are coming to "get to know us".

We did get in some Hambley Products yesterday. I re-ordered the pirate ship overlay and a few new ones. Our Rusty Pickle Captain Jack has shipped and I hope to have it Monday or Tuesday. Hopefully our Daisy D's will be in at the same time. Heidi Grace and Cloud 9 should be shipping soon.

Our 50% off table has dwindled some so please come by and check it out.

Marlynn's Big Picture Scrapbooking Class on Doodling starts in October. Check it out here:

I hope it will be cooler today. This 100 degree weather is just murder. But we were on the National News because of it.