Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Meet India!

Meet India!

Luscious Papaya and Watermelon Pink with slivers of Crisp White ~ a scrumptious summer time dessert? No, one of our many new fabulous designs.

India comes to us just as summer is getting into full swing here on Cape Cod. The schools are finally out, the girls are wearing their flip flops and the neighborhood boys have their summer crew cuts. The hot and humid days have not quite arrived but this ribbon holds the color of things to come. The smell of Coppertone. Tanned toes. S'mores. Watermelon & Papaya.

There is a special lady named India. India Davis. She has been a customer of ours for some time and the first time I spoke with her I told her I loved her name. I told her I would name a ribbon after her. Patiently waiting but nudging me every now and then, India has not let me forget my promise to her. Here you go sweetie... Hope you love it as much as we do!

Jennifer Strano
Hey Guys,
I got this special e-mail this morning from Jennifer Strano. Can you believe it? She named a ribbon after me. I am so.............excited.........! She made my day. We carry Strano ribbon in the store. Jennifer and I became instant friends when we met! They are coming out with many new designs at CHA. I will order them then. Here is Jennifer's blog. Have a GREAT DAY!


Cheryl Wray 2:25 PM  

That is SO cool, India!! I want a ribbon named after me!! :-)