Friday, May 18, 2007


Hey Guys,

Ann Everett will be with us tomorrow. We are so.........excited to have her. Come in and participate in her make-n-take and card class. The class is from 1:00 to 2:30. Also, her paper line will be 25% off. Come check it out.

We have ordered 2 more tables for the 2 Day 50's crop. We have 7 more spots left. Nonna and I will try to dress up in our best 50's outfits. If any of you would like to dress up that will be great also. The date is June 8th and 9th. The cost is $25 and that includes 3 meals. If you want some real fun, please sign-up and come.

We have had more people sign up for the Cricut Expressions. I cannot wait to see how many we will have by June 1st.

Those of you interested in Nonna's Book Bill Keeper, the cost is $15 and you need the book. A Webster Dictionary works GREAT. Many library's or thrift stores have these cheap. I will have a picture up on the web soon.

Maelynn's new class is going to be popular. We have had some sign-ups already for her new Techniques in Texture and Dimension class. I have personally requested that she teach how to sew doodling without a machine. The cost is $25 but we provide the materials.

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend. Stay off the road, my son just got his drivers license. How scary is it to be a mom.