Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Product Overload!

Hey Guys,

Well Nonna got slammed with NEW product today. The NEW Crate Paper is my favorite though Rhonna Ferrer's new line "French Twist" makes me wish I had a little girl. You can probably use the paper for other things but you would have to be creative with that bright pink. I also love the NEW Autums Leaves stamps. You have got to see these. I hope there are some left after Nonna and I grab them. Come check them out.

Remember the Easter Egg Hunt this weekend. We are still collecting tickets for the FREE spots to be given away for Angelia's classes. For every $10 you spend you receive a ticket.

By the way did anyone out there watch The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman? Why do girls do that to themselves? Why is that guy doing that to himself? People amaze......... me. Of course the girl from Birmingham would get drunk, and fall off a bar stool. Please...........! She did not get a rose. I wonder why? O.K. enough of my opinions. I will post more on the forum.



Cheryl Wray 7:36 PM  

Oh, i just LOVE that Rhonna Farrer stuff. Will have to come by tomorrow! lol (I have a layout for you for the story anyway!!)