Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Angelia/New Products

Hey Guys,

Here is another sneak peak of the Titles in the Round class. Angelia made this layout as an example to show the class. Oh I cannot wait.........ya'll know how I love a party and this one is going to be for 2 days. We have some people visiting from out-of-town. What fun. We still have 2 spots left in each class and it is not to late to sign up. Each class is $35.

We just recieved the greatest book by CK media titled "Scrapbooking to Cards". Its how to incorporate scrapbooking pages into cards and crafts. We also got in the KI "Surprise Party" and "Wedding". These papers are so........much fun. Come in and check these out.
Maelynn's book is coming out in June. We will host a book signing then. Each person who purchases the book during the signing will receive 10% off. Yea Maelynn!
The Calendar Class is next Tuesday! Anyone who would like to join the class can. It is $10 per class.
I loved, loved, loved....... the Photoshop Class. No wonder the layouts in magazines look so good. I learned alot and am very excited about using Photoshop. We will host another class if we have enough requests.
Hope to see ya'll soon.