Thursday, March 08, 2007

No More Smoke!

Well Nonna and I are no longer smokin! They came and put the fire out today. Channel 42 news was here so maybe we will be on T.V. tonight.

Do not forget our party on Friday and Saturday! I cannot wait to see everyone! You know how I love seeing people. We have another surprise for you guys. You will have to come by to get it though. It is designed to save you money. We still have 4 spots left for the FREE crop! We have only 1 spot left in the canvas class.

See ya'll soon,



Anonymous,  9:58 AM  

I saw your lingering smoke and neighborhood on TV this morning. I cannot believe this guy was allowed to bury so much stuff under the dirt. All that wood does not make sense because it will rot over a short time frame and cause low spots on the lawn. But, now he is finding out it also will burn! Will he be held accoutable for any of the city's expense in any of this do you know? Whew! Sending some fresh air your way!! Cheryl

Cheryl Wray 12:06 PM  

Oh, the party was fun today India! the cake was SO good! Yummy!!!
All of you need to go stop by!