Friday, February 02, 2007

Sale! Technique Tuesday

Hey Guys,

We are back. Boy it is great to be back. Nonna is at the store today and we will be open til 7:00. We have a birthday party crop tomorrow and will be open till 5:00.

Sale! Everything in our 40% off bin will be 50% off through Monday. We have put some more items in there. We are trying to make room for more new product. Yea!
Check out the Technique Tuesday stamps. Also, KI mini Alaphabet Soup is in. Come in and check these out. I have 9 Ideas Catalogs to give to the first 9 customers who spend $50 or more on the Technique Tuesday. Our collector sets are not here but they are being shipped. Hopefully they will be here next week.

We got the info on Angelia Wiggington's Classes and will be sending it out next week. On Monday we will send out the info on Maniac Madness. I cannot wait. We have some real fun planned.
More later!