Sunday, December 31, 2006

My son is 16!

Hey Guys,

Well, I just finished celebrating my son's 16th Birthday. He was born on New Years Eve 1990. I remember it so vividly. Where has all the time gone? It's at this time that I am glad I have all those pictures. Now, if I had just journaled my thoughts. Alas, oh well. Just remember, scrapbooking is not all about pictures. It is also those emotions and feelings of many memories and moments in time.

I am looking forward to the Journaling Class that Cheryl Wray is teaching January 23rd. Communicating events, thoughts and feelings is a weakness of mine (I guess ya'll can tell). Anyway I know it is really going to help spice up my scrapbooking. How many of you have scrapbooks with no journaling? You think I will do it later. So the pages go unfinished. More time passes and you really do not know where to begin. Don't miss this opportunity to learn better techniques and enhanced journaling .

Tuesday is the last day to pay $70 for Maniac Madness. We still have spots for about 15 more people. After January 2nd the price goes up to $80. So invite your friends, come and have the wonderful experience of meeting other scrapbookers, receiving FREE products, and enjoying some Maniac fun.

Nonna and I will both be at the store on Tuesday so come by and scrapbook and visit. We will be painting and moving things around all week long. We will also be entering new product. Yes, we have tons of new product to put out. I will try to get them on the web.

We do have a Dinner and a Crop coming up on Friday January 12th. The cost is $6. See ya'll there.

Oh yea, did I tell you I am working on Maniac Madness every day. Hmmm....... I wonder what that means. I will try coming up with a hint later. By the way February, March and April are going to be special months for Scrapbook Mania.