Sunday, November 19, 2006

Maniac Madness Christmas: A Serial

Setting: India and Nonna Decorating the Tree

Nonna: Ooh... I love this tree! It is very Cha-Cha

India: Oh yea! That's what we need, a Cha-Cha Christmas!

India: So Nonna, how Cha-Cha of a Christmas do we want? ( with a sneaky look on her face)

Nonna: Well.........we have 12 days of Christmas to be festive.

India: Or we have 25 days to be fabulous!

Nonna: Well, we can be naughty and nice!

India: Yea! For The 25 Days of Christmas we will do something special everyday!

Nonna: Well, thats the nice. Lets be naughty and only announce the special the day before.

India: Oh yea! Its going to be a Merry Christmas!

So lets begin........

(to be continued)


Anonymous,  10:25 AM  

When does it start???? i keep checking the blog!

Anonymous,  11:58 AM  


ChefIndia 12:29 PM  

More Tomorrow!


Cheryl Wray 12:54 PM  

Okay, it's Monday and we still don't know!!! LOL (Sorry India, if I'm putting the pressure on you!!!)

ChefIndia 3:33 PM  

It's a serial so we build up suspense.


Anonymous,  8:17 PM  

It is close enough to please!!!!