Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Maniac Madness Christmas continued....

Setting: Last minute touches.

Nonna: About this Cricut thing! We could offer festive opportunities for tickets and surprises.
India: Great minds think alike. Christmas is such a great time for secrets and surprises.

Nonna: I can't wait! Lets start November 24th and give the Cricut away December 22nd. We are already hosting our Christmas Open House on November 24th and 25th.

India: Alright! On Friday the 24th and Saturday the 25th for every $30 spent our customers
will receive $5 off and a ticket for the Cricut drawing.

Nonna: Now that we have Deck the Halls, lets spread some additional cheer and make it a
Maniac Madness Christmas.

India: How about the next 35 people who sign up and pay for Maniac Madness will receive
an extra 25 tickets toward the Cricut.

Nonna: Thats great! I will wear my tiara and wave my magic wand for a festive Christmas.
And India great thing do come in small packages.

India: (Wink!) Yes they do! The first 15 people in the store on Friday and the first 15 in the store on Saturday will receive a bag of Christmas cheer and surprises.

Nonna: Not very bag can be the same. So lets amaze everyone with FREE product, discounts
a FREE spot to Maniac Madness. So everyone should be of good cheer!

India: So let's greet them early and say goodnight. We will open at 9:00 A.M. and close at 7 P.M.

Nonna: As we play Christmas Carols and wish people well, lets offer some early Christmas
treats. On Friday we can offer our Autumn Leaves Designing With 2007
Calendars for $15.99. The Cricut Cartridges Beyond Bithdays and
All Mixed Up will be $59.99. Our Totally Cool Totes will be $24. Cricut
Cardstock Pads will be $3.00.

On Satuday we will offer the Quickutz Purple Squeeze for $59.99 and the Zip
Around Binder for $10. The Moxie and Metro Quickutz Alaphabet will be
$49.99. Also, we will have Mrs. Grossman's 12x12 Albums for $10.99 and the
8 x8 Albums for $7.99. We will also have Quickutz Theme Kits 1/2 off and the
Quickutz Tangerine Alphabet with the Shadow for $199.

India: We don't want a blue Christmas and as Jack Frost is nipping at our nose read
tomorrow for a Maniac Madness announcement that is sure to warm you up!

to be continued.......