Saturday, October 07, 2006

Ventura Highway

Hey Guys,

I am at the store having a quiet morning reflecting on a fond moment, I experienced yesterday. Have you ever been shopping at a grocery store or department store, and a song comes on the intercom that brings back fond memories of the past. It is a song that stops you in your tracks and makes you smile. That song for me is "Ventura Highway". This song is over 20 years old was sung by a group called "America". You could probably buy their CD in the stores, but I do not think as a group they are recording anymore. I love that song. It brings back so many wonderful memories of high school and college. Even though it is 20 years old it makes me smile. I know I looked silly in the grocery store yesterday standing in the middle of the isle, with a big smile on my face. It was a fun moment. I wished I had scrapbooked my memories but alas it was not popular. I do have pictures and clippings. Maybe one day I will put them in an album and title it"Ventura Highway." Do you have a song that brings back memories that makes you stop and smile? Please share it with me. I think I am becoming a blogger. Yikes!

Now for Scrapbook Mania news! Our Disney products have shipped. Also, our Memory Dock and Quickutz have shipped. These should be in by next Thursday. Just watch the blog and e-mails and I will announce when they get here. These shipments include the special orders of Quickutz and Memory Dock. Also, the NEW Queue Cat Eye Stamp pads are here. For those of you who do not know Queue Cat Eye's s Nest inside each other. These are going fast.

I have my Memory Dock Page Dock with me today. It is a GREAT tool. I have my photos in it and am picking out product to go with them. I just store the products in it and scrap them when I am ready. TOTALLY COOL TOOL!

Speaking of TOTALLY COOL TOOLS, I must say I am getting hooked on the Cricut. I made a card in no time. I love my Quickutz but I love the speed of the Cricut. Come by and give it a try.

Now about classes. We have it finally worked out to host a Photo Shop Class. You asked for it and we have it. The class is Tuesday November 14th, 6:00 -8:00. Heather will be teaching. We will try to take as many as we can. The class will be $15. She will start out with basic techniques and then move on to a few details.

The Doodling Class is now sold out. We still have room in the Masking Class and Shari's Card Class. The Masking Class is Tuesday the 10th and is $15. Shari's Card Class is Tuesday the 17th. The cost is $20 dollars and includes materials.

CONGRATULATIONS! to Carol Synder for winning the layout contest!

Hey guys just a note on Maniac Madness. In case of bad weather( snow or ice) all money will be refunded or another date will be chosen and you can attend the new date. Which ever you choose.

ALERT! All our Magazines and Idea Books are 1/2 off. Come in a purchase what few we have left!

I will give details on the Scrapbook Yardsale next week.

See Ya'll Soon,



Cheryl Wray 9:54 AM  

ALL kinds of songs bring back memories and make me smile! (It's amazing how "Hurt So Good" can take me straight back to cheerleading practice in the 9th grade!!). But the ones I immediately thought of . . . Van Morrison's "Tupelo Honey," because my dh and I danced to it at our wedding and we just love all of VM's stuff. And "It's a 5 oclock Somewhere" always reminds me of a great beach trip and makes me want to go back!!

I may have to steal this for my blog!