Thursday, October 05, 2006

American Crafts

Hey Guys,

We got in our American Crafts flowers. Oh my gosh...........these flowers are beautiful. They are packaged in great little tins with mixed shapes in each one. I love the felt flowers. I did not know if I would but they are GREAT! I also love the little plastic ones. I love the mix of clolors. I wish I had a girl to scrapbook. Though I think I am going to try to sneak some felt ones on a page. Maybe my son will not notice. I looked on the Amercian Crafts website to share a photo but they are not on there. Ya'll are going to have to trust me on these. Ya'll are going to love them. We are blooming flowers in October. Come in and check them out.



Anonymous,  2:33 PM  

You guys keep tempting me..........seems like I am in the store all the time!! India- if your son doesn't like flowers on his page, tell him he can do his own scrapbook!!!! Hope you are feeling better! Carol