Monday, January 25, 2010

More Sneak Peaks! Tell Me what you think!

Yes, I have ordered this from Cosmo Cricket. So tell me what you think and earn some FREE!
I am so.......ready for spring!


Linh C. 9:49 PM  

Love the Strawberry Fields, Sunshine, and the Ready Set Chip.

Julia 10:46 PM  

The chipboard is adorable! And the salad paper would be great for recipe books :) Thinking of next Christmas....

Joynana 4:25 AM  

I love them all, are they sold in packs of singles. I will have to come up and visit you soon.

Toni Greer 9:20 AM  

Love this Cosmo Cricket line. Can't wait for it to arrive.

Rach 11:42 AM  

This paper is perfect! I have a special affinity for gardens. I always helped my grandfather in our garden and orchard. It was our special time together. He let me drive the tractor when he was plowing even though my grandmother thought it was too dangerous. I think this colorful paper will be a perfect balance for some of the b&w photos I have. Love it! Cosmo Cricket is becoming one of my fav companies.

SavannaLea 7:46 PM  

very cute... perfect for spring pictures

Joy 6:48 AM  

Oh I love this paper...LOVE the polka dots...its all so bright and cheerful! Can't wait to buy some !!
xoxo Joy

Phoebe 9:32 PM  

The animals are beyond adorable. Even if you don't garden, this would be perfect for the summer.