Monday, July 27, 2009

We Have a Winner, SEI!

Well, Mandy has won the Carolees Creation Paper Pack. Yea! for Mandy.

Well guess what happened? I won the BIG prize at SEI. So.........I am giving away a paper pack and a t-shirt from SEI. So.....what do you think about this paper line? KEEP POSTING!

Hello all! It's Christine. India and I are tag teaming on the blog. I took a couple pictures of projects made with the new Christmas Mint Collection pictured above. Look at these! Did you notice that the placemat is made out of paper?


Brenda 8:07 PM  

Hey, I like the Christmas Mint line. What was the the big prize you won?

Ann 8:21 PM  

Oooooh, yummy! Yeah, inquiring minds want to know..what did you win??

Lisa 5:34 AM  

VERY COOL!! Congrats Mandy!! Can't wait to see more stuff!!

Ruth Ellen 5:37 AM  

Love the sneak peaks!!

Mandy 5:45 AM  

Yeah Me - and Yeah Christine for winning too! I'm so excited, I'm not usually the one who wins things!!! The Christmas papers are cute, but I REALLY just can't be thinking about Christmas all ready!
Hope you ladies are having lots of fun.

Linh C. 7:44 AM  

Congrats Mandy!

India and Christine, are you planning to do anything else in Orlando besides winning prizes at CHA for us ;)? Any Disney parks? :)

Toni Greer 9:17 AM  

I love the Christmas Mint line from SEI. It makes me ready for Christmas. I can just see all the cards and pages that can be made with this line. Congratulations, India!! Hope you and Christine are having a blast. I can't wait to see more sneak peaks!!

Julia 10:21 AM  

Have to admit that all three (I think there are just three :) ) lines from SEI are wonderful....

Congrats on the big prize, India!!!

SavannaLea 4:33 PM  

too cute...another must have for sure!!