Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Dreaded "B"

Yes, around our house receiving a grade "B" in a class is not heard of. Andrew received a "B" once in math when he was in High School and was very shocked and disappointed. But me being his teacher, I had to be honest. His grade average was 89 and I was not going to embellish it.

So......last night he was so.....worried about his Spanish grade. And I had to remind him that "B's" happen. Now understand that when my husband was working on his Masters that he received one "B". And has never gotten over it. He still mentions it.

But the worry was for nothing. The first thing he did when her got up this morning was check for his grade and he made an "A". So we can now enjoy a very happy day and a fun summer. By the way he received all "A's" on his classes. Yea! His first year is over.



Christine 8:19 PM  

Congratulations Andrew!!! What an accomplishment.