Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Andrew, Online Crop, Quickutz Club!

Well here is a short story of the Adventures of Andrew. Yes, he has started college. I tried to get him to let me come to school and take a picture of his first day, but that was out! Not really, I would not do that to him. Anyway, he has to take this writing class. Andrew hates to write and has always struggled with it in homeschool. So....he found out he had 2 days to read the book and then write an essay about it in class. Of course he did not finish the book and we were worried. He did not feel he did well. Anyway her came in today and made an A on his paper. Boy I could have hit him. He had me believing he did poorly. He was one of 5 people to make an A. I am so.....proud of him. I promise not to post about all his papers and test.

O.K. we have an Online crop this weekend. Please go on the forum and sign up! We will be giving away prizes and playing games.

The Quickutz Club meets Saturday. Please call if you would like to attend. We have had new people sign up as well as people renew. Yea! I will work on my project for you guys tomorrow.

We have some GREAT classes coming up so look for them. Hmmmm...........I have a surprise for some of you.