Sunday, July 06, 2008

Fond Memories!

July 4th was quite fun. I watched as Andrew and his friends put 2 slip n slides together and made mud history by sliding on the slip n slide for about 2 hours on Friday night. As a child Andrew did not have a slip n slide but made up for it on Friday. I know when he grows up and his child has a slip n slide he will remember fondly July 4th 2008.

I love memories like this. How many teenagers spend their 4th sliding around in water and mud with their friends? They had so........much fun and I had fun watching them. They would run hard and slid on their feet, stomachs, and rear ends, and see who could slide the farthest. Yea for fun memories. Oh yeah, they did stop a few minutes to watch fire works, and got dressed to go to a late night movie. Boy I wish I had their energy. And by the way, I did not have a camera.

I hope everyone had a July 4th full of fond memories. And took GREAT pictures.

Here is Max's Backyard by Cloud 9. It will be out tomorrow.