Friday, June 13, 2008

Whats in Andrews Hands!

Andrew went with me to pick up Glenn's Father's Day present. As we were driving I noticed he had his Bible in his hands. He had to give a devotional for the youth on Friday and wanted to look up some scripture's. As I was driving I began to reflect on as a little boy what he would hold in his hands and play with, when we ran errands. Here goes.

When Andrew was 1 he always had his yellow blanket in his hands. I still have a piece of it.

When he was 3 or 4 so he loved Thomas the Train. He always had 2 trains. I train for each hand.

When he hit about 7 he always had 2 Star Wars figures. A figure for each hand. Always the good guys not the bad guys.

When he hit about 10 or 11 it was a Game Boy.

Then about 14 or 15 it was an ipod and a book.

Now at 17 it is his Bible. I guess this is a fun way to watch how are children's lives progress. I am proud of him. Andrew now has his car and rides with me very little. I find that I miss it. Maybe I can find some pictures and scrap a page. Here is a picture of his Star Wars faze.

Have a GREAT day! The Card Class is tomorrow. We still have 1 spot left for anyone who wants to join.