Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My House!

Well tomorrow is the day they put hardwood floors in my husbands office. We are so excited but had to move out all his furniture. In 2 weeks we move out for 4 days while they re-do our floors. Ugh! We have to move out all the furniture also. But the results will be great! I will post pictures when all is done. To bad I do not have before pics, well maybe I do. I will look for some old pictures. This has been an adventure that will hopefully be over with soon.

I got to scrapbook today. I am actually trying to finish up an album for a friend, that was supposed to have been done by last Christmas.

I really love scrapbooking. Sometimes it is nice to just sit, create and enjoy scrapbooking. Next month is really busy bit I will try to do a cyber crop on the forum. That way I can scrapbook also. Check the forum for more info.