Saturday, March 29, 2008

BLT Sandwich!

This is my ode to the BLT sandwich. When Glenn and I were first married, we were young and in the ministry. We both had part-time jobs and very little money. Each Wednesday he would give me $25 cash for food for the week. This is where we learned to love BLT sandwiches. I would buy bread 2 loaves for a $1, bacon $1 (on sale), a head of lettuce 0.49 and tomatoes 0.50. Oh, and eggs for 0.59. We would eat BLT sandwiches 2 times a week and then have bacon and eggs for supper at night. I would also buy spaghetti sauce and noodles, peanut butter and banana's. Now I now this does not sound fun but these are some of our fondness memories of our first year in the ministry.

Tonight we had BLT sandwiches for dinner. We still love them but eat them only occasionally now. For a lowfat BLT, use Turkey bacon. Memories, you have to love them. If only I had a picture to scrapbook.



Lisa 7:07 AM  

the simple things when you are just starting out on a journey are usually the best. I remember our first year in our tiny apartment and we didn't have much money - but we have great memories and found ways to make it a home!! i don't have many pictures from then at all but sure wish i did!!