Monday, February 04, 2008

That Manning Boy!/Disco Mania

My mom is an old Southern girl. She picked doctors based on their last name and where they were born. She votes for candidates the same way. When I introduced my friends to her she immediately wanted to know who their parents were.

Well, that is how I pick most football teams. Archie Manning played college ball at Ole Miss. I remember listening to many Ole Miss games on our radio in the hall way of our home in Tupelo, Mississippi. I have been watching Payton and Eli Manning since they each played quaterback for Tennesse and Ole Miss. So.......I am so proud of that Manning boy. I loved seeing Eli win the Super Bowl. Can you imagine being his dad and seeing his sons each win a Superbowl title back to back. The south is rising again! Yea!

O.K. we have 8 rooms left for Disco Mania. Those of y'all who want a room need to come and get it while you can. I am so proud of this scrapping event. We will have lots of fun. Yea!

Clear Scraps is here. I love these clear albums. I have the new ones they have put out so come and check them out. The Scenic Route Lynden line should ship today so hopefully it will be here soon.

Just a reminder, our Breakfast Crop is Wednesday 9 a.m. to whenever you need to leave. The cost is $6 and that includes breakfast.