Thursday, February 21, 2008


Whew, what a day trying to get my orders. This seems to happen a lot. My orders get lost. Anyway I ordered Jenni Bowlin before the show. It is lost. I re-placed it today and it is shipping. Our Accucut is shipping today also. Also, The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker book was supposed to have shipped on January 10th. No one knows where that order is. They are working on it as we speak. Our Flair Easter has shipped. Yea!

Cosmo Cricket goes out next week. We should have it the first of March. Autumn Leaves does not ship until April.

By the way the kits will be ready Saturday. Ya Hoo! Nonna has been sick with Broncitis.



Gamma2Alex 4:54 PM  

How was the garage sale? Next time we will not be moving at the same time and I will be able to unload some of my stuff that I don't use. Please save a kit for me. Hopefully I can come by next weekend. Thanks!

Julia 6:35 PM  

Wow!!! Lots of exciting goings on.... Can't wait to try out the Accucut, and I LOVE that you're going to have chipboard and clear stuff to cut!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!