Friday, November 16, 2007

Its Here!

Yes, it is here! It's that time of year where I get to do something I really love. Listen to Christmas music. I just love Christmas music. I love music that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ and that gives hope to everyone. Artists sing rejoice and I know what they are rejoicing about. Stephen Curtis Chapman put out a Christmas CD years ago and it is one of my favorites. Of course you cannot forget Johnny Mathis. I was going to wait until the open house but, alas, I sit here in the store with the stereo blaring loudly and blogging about my joy in listening. So....if you come in today do not be afraid to tell me to turn the music down.

One more note about the Open House. The coupon that was sent is not good on Quickutz. We have 4 spots left in the crop tomorrow. It is not to late to sign up.

Also, just a reminder. For those of you attending Disco Mania, I have to let them know by February 28th how many rooms we need. So if you are spending the night at the 4-H center you need to sign up by February 28th. This crop will be so.........much fun. You will receive dinner on Friday, Breakfast and lunch on Saturday. Plus, you will have your own table and a special goody bag. If you need a power cord please let me know when you sign up. I am collecting items to give away. So far I have about 25 items. Yea!

See ya'll tomorrow,