Monday, November 05, 2007


This morning has been quite eventful. Now that things have calmed down I want to update everyone with what we have coming to Scrapbook Mania in January. First of all I like the fact that scrapbooking is always changing. It makes it quite exciting to see what vendors, designers and artists keep coming up with. One of the techniques hitting the market is hybrid and digital Scrapbooking. I have had many requests to get involved in bringing these techniques to Scrapbook Mania and beginning in January we will have a Digital Center in the store. This will include a computer, 12 x 12 printer, and scanner. We also have an Epson Picture Mate personal photo lab. The photo lab is available now. The pictues are .28 a print. That covers the cost of ink. I got the photo lab mostly for crops and emergencies. You can easily put in your cartridge, edit your photos and print them out.

Now back to the digital center. We will also have Photoshop Elements on the computer for your use. We have been working with Ashley Smith from Polka Dot Potato and she is helping us get this set up. We will be using the services of Polka Dot Potato. You may want a more professional print of your layout. You will send it to Polka Dot Potato and for a small fee they will print it for you. There will be more services and I will explain more later.

For those of you who are interested in hybrid scrapbooking, Renee Pearson, who is a regular contributor to Simple Scrapbooks Magazine, will be with us in Febuary to teach some classes. I am so........excited about her coming. In fact, many of you already do some hybrid scrapbooking. When you go on the computer and grab a picture or print out a quote, that is hybrid scrapbooking. She will be using a laptop hooked up to a projector and she will be able to teach techniques by walking you through them. I love the way photos are enhanced with angel wings etc. and I have asked her to show me how. I know hybrid and digital is not for everyone but I wanted to offer it to those who were interested. I hope to be able to offer a digital scrapbooking class later in the year.

This does not mean that I will not carry scrapbooking products. Scrapbook Mania is still dedicated to scrapbooking with paper, 3-D embellishments, ribbon etc.

Also, starting in January we will be offering a Card Making Class with kits. This class will be 6 times a year. The classes will be $25 and that includes the kit. New technques will be included in each class and each kit will include a featured stamp or embellishment. We will also have open stock product for making cards. We are putting that together now.

I hope this encourages everyone. Now, how about a Tightwad Tuesday Sale. All Basic Grey will be 40% off. Come in and enjoy.



Gamma2Alex 7:49 AM  

YES!! Boy have I been waiting for this. Just as soon as you can list the dates scheduled for Renee's January classes, I will be requesting off work for all of them! I need these classes sooooo much!! Thanks for listening.