Sunday, May 27, 2007

Slammin Day 2!

Hey Guys,

Well, Saturday was another slammin day. I went to the store at 4:00 to pick up a few things and our last customer left at 6:30. Elsie's NEW product line is flying out the store and will be 25% through May 31st. Our Memorial Day sale continues till 3:00 tomorrow so please come by. Also, check out Daisy Bucket designs. This is a new company and so far is quite popular. Papers are pictured.

Alert! We do have 1 spot left for the 2 Day 50's Crop. This one spot will go fast. So do not wait long.

Now how about some serious FUN! June 30th Scrapbook Mania will host a most serious crop. This crop is for those of you who love chocolate as well as scrapbooking. We will host our first ever CHOCOLATE CROP. The crop will begin at 9 a.m. and end at 9 p.m. We will be serving Brunch and Dinner. The cost is $16 and will include plenty of chocolate and prizes. More fun info later. Be there or be disappointed.

Have a slammin fun holiday!

India and Nonna


Cheryl Wray 8:01 AM  

WOO HOO!!! I will be by to see my Elsie soon!!! lol Probably Thursday, becasue the next few days are SO busy (getting McKenna ready for her Europe trip!!)