Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm Smokin!

I am really not smokin, but I really am. The man acrosss the street from me decided to burn off his landfill. Anyway it got away from him, and last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we had the fire department at his house trying to put it out. Well the wind was blowing it across the road to our house. I left Friday for Memphis and Nonna called me on Saturday to say it had started up again and the fire trucks were there again and that the smoke was blowing directly toward my house. When we got home Sunday the smell was awful. Our insurance company has agreed to clean the house but cannot because his landfill is still smoking. And the wind is still blowing the smoke in our direction. I walked into my garage and got into my car and today my clothes smelled like smoke. YUCK! We have to Frebreeze our clothes.

New story! I get a call today from my husband, who proceeds to tell me that another fire has started across the road, 2 houses down. A builder was burning some wood and they lost control of it and yes, we had more fire trucks, one more time, on our street. This time the smoke was blowing at Nonna's house.

When ya'll come in and we smell like smoke you will know why. Me and Nonna are SMOKIN!
They reported the story on Channel 13 news.

More tomorrow!



Cheryl Wray 12:35 PM  

India,you are SO funny!!! I love that you and Nonna are both "Smok-in"!!!