Friday, March 30, 2007

Angelia Wigginton/ Photoshop Class

Hey Guys,
Here is a sneak peak of the Titles in the Round class taught by Angelia for Spring Madness. This is the class I will be taking. Love the idea of "getting out of my comfort zone". We are so.......excited over her being at the store. We have people signing up every day!
We need 3 more people in the Photoshop Class for Heather to come. If you are considering it please call the store and let us know. We have scheduled it for April 17th and I have booked the Calendar Class for that date also. I will have to move one of them so..........I need to know if you are interested in the Photoshop Class.
I love the NEW Rusty Pickle. It is called Princess Bride. I love the Wesley and Prince Humperdink paper. We also got in some really cool buttons in some really......cute jars. Ya'll are going to love them.
Have a GREAT weekend!