Thursday, January 18, 2007

Forums are back up!

Hey everyone! The forums are back up so go ahead, register, and start posting!


Anonymous,  4:50 PM  

Hi everyone! No I have not quit scrapbooking. I have just been chillin until I find a new job. My old job ends Feb.28 and i will be back on the scene as soon as i get settled in a new job. Losing a job after 20 years and my age which I don't need to disclose has been a little set back to say the least! I have not forgotten anyone and Nona it is my fault but i missed out on getting that cookie dough! Anyway i probably will be my old scrapbooking self by March. I having been saving funds and bieng conservative. Yuck! See you guys soon. Scrapbook Diva- AKA TH.