Saturday, January 13, 2007

Cupids Candy Shop.......Sneak Peaks

Hey Guys,

Cupids Candy shop by SEI is in the store. I must say that I love the bright colors with these papers. The felt paper is quite popular.

I also have another sneak peak by AMM.
I must say I have loved all the new products coming out by them. They are coming out with $1000 worth of new products. I cannot wait to CHA. I will continue to put up more sneak peaks next week.

We were so....... busy yesterday. Then we had a crop last night. I was so.....excited to find out that someone was flying in from Texas to come to Maniac Madness. That was way cool for a little store in Bessemer, Al. We also have groups coming from Huntsville and Montgomery. We are so........excited about this event. We are excited about everyone who is coming. We still have 3 spots left. Don't miss out.

We now have a small kids section is our store. We have a table, bucket of toys, and tv with a DVD player. We have more changes coming. We are still working on the forum and will get it up soon. More announcements later. Have a GREAT weekend.