Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New Product Sale and Gift Certificate Special

Hey Guys,

Just a few quick reminders and more updates on the 25 Days of Christmas.

More people are signing up everyday for Maniac Madness. Just a reminder: If you want your 25 tickets you have to sign up before Dec. 15th. Sharon Lavoy will be teaching a Scrapbook Organization class on Saturday of Maniac Madness. The Class will be $10. This class is available for sign up now. I will be announcing more later. Also, those of you who signed up and paid for Maniac Madness before the 25 Days of Christmas, we have something special planned for you.

Our 25 Days of Christmas continues Thursday, Friday and Saturday with a special sale. Why not spread some Christmas Cheer and put our NEW product on sale. Our NEW Daisy D's and our Delish will be 25% off. It comes in tomorrow (maybe today) and we will get it put out fast for you guys. Ya'll are going to love these new papers and embellishments. So come by and check these out.

Our Mrs. Grossman albums go off sale after tomorrow. We have a few left. The 12 x 12 are $10.99 and the 8 x 8 are $7.99. Many of you have expressed an interest in purchasing one. Just call and I will put on aside for you.

Gift Certificate: For Every $25.00 in Gift Certificates you buy you'll receive a gift for yourself, a $5.00 voucher good for purchases in January of $10 or more. So you both get a gift!!!

Hey Guys, blogger will not let me download pictures today. Sorry!