Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Beautiful Morning and Blogs

Hey Guys,

What a beautiful morning! Fall is in the air and the leaves will be falling soon. I am at home enjoying the view from my back yard. I live on South Shades Crest and have a GREAT view.

I just want to remind everyone that Scrapbook Mania will take competitors coupons. We now take them everyday not just Wednesdays. A lot of people do not know this so I just wanted to pass it on. They cannot be used on Quickutz or Cricut products.

Another reminder. The layouts for our contest are due next Wednesday. Does anyone want a $25 gift card at Scrapbook Mania? Just enter our contest. It has to be a ME layout with doodling and a monogram. Nonna and I will judge it.

We have a list going for our Maniac Madness in February. We also have applications at the store. We have had many requests to split payments. You can pay half now as long as you have the other half paid by Dec. 1. After that the amount will go up to $80. By the way. One of my reps gave me some albums to give away at the event. More later.

Now the real reason for this post. Have ya'll noticed how many scrapbookers have a blog? A few actors do also. I tried to read Rosie O'Donnel's blog and got greatly confused (won't go there again). Who would want to read about my life? I have come to the conclusion that very few people would want to. Anyway here is my question. Who do you think needs a blog? I have thought about this and I think the President of the United States needs a blog. What would President Bush say? I hope he would share how he feels about the fact that his dad likes Bill Clinton so.......much. Or, does he ever invite Nancy Pelosi to the oval office? She really does not like him. Maybe Laura Bush needs a blog. Does she really get along with Barbara? Maybe she would like to scrapbook. Anyway, who would you like to read about? Who do you feel needs a blog? Responses would be appreciated.

Have a GREAT day!



Cheryl Wray 12:49 PM  

Oh, I completely forgot about the layout contest. I haven't been by the store in the last two weeks (budget crunch here at the house! LOL), but will be there next week (payday soon!!).
I LOVE blogging and I try and blog about my scrapbooking stuff too!

Jerri junque 7:51 PM  

I really can't say who needs a blog. But if I did not have them to read with my morning coffee, what would I do. I need the fix of my morning coffee/blog. I guess I have over 40 bookmarked. I know I am sad, a very sad creature.
But most of them are scrapbooking/altered/store blogs.
I hear about all the new goodies and when I do get to shop, I know what I want, and where to go get it...Hint ...Hint ...Mania....Mania...

ChefIndia 9:41 PM  

Hey I am glad ya'll read our blog. I glad someone responded.