Friday, August 18, 2006

New Products

Hey Guys,

Just a Quick update! We got in our Auburn and Alabama embellishments and kits. We also got in the Quickutz Tangerine Shadow and the Words to Go by K& Co.

We have had a fun day. We are working on a BIG announcement for tomorrow. Ya'll are going to love it.

Also, I have been informed that you have to sign up to comment on the blog. You no longer have to do that, so comment away.

India And Nonna


Angela 3:44 PM  

I had an awesome time there today! Gosh, I dont think I've laughed so much in a long time.
Thanks for the blonde friendly trivia questions! *wink*
I am still ohhhhhing and awwwwwwing over the dip and cookies! YUM!
Thanks for making my Friday WONDERFUL! I will see ya'll again really soon!

Jenney 5:16 PM  

I totally second everything Angela said! You girls always crack me up and today was no exception. I had a lot of fun hanging out at the store!!! Hope ya'll have fun tomorrow (wish I could be there!).

ChefIndia 4:24 AM  

Iam so......glad ya'll had fun. See ya'll soon.