Sunday, August 06, 2006


Hey Guys,

I know some of you have been patiently waiting for our big announcement. I actually have several announcements. Maelynn will be teaching a series of classes that are going to be sponsered by Sukura. We are so excited to have them supporting our store and classes. What does this mean for ya'll? Well they have donated FREE products for the classes. The classes are:

Creating a Freestyle Journal-Monday September 25th
Freestyle I-Monday October 23rd
Freestyle II-Monday November 13

Those of you interested in learning the art of Freestyle Scrapbooking and Freestyle Techniques will love this series.

The classes will be $20 for the Freestyle Journal and $15 each for the Freestyle I & II. Anyone who signs up for all 3 will receive the Journal FREE and the cost will be $45. Maelynn will be posting more about the class.

Now onto a sad note. Alissa will be moving to Memphis. She will still be designing for the store but her teaching classes will be limited. I cannot tell how much she will be missed. It so.........wants to make me cry.

We have many other classes to announce. I will post those tomorrow.

Even more EXCITING NEWS to come!



O.V.R.D. 8:54 PM  

México necesita de su gente.
vivimos momentos históricos, y como mexicanos, es nuestra responsabilidad enterarnos de la situación REAL de nuestro país para actuar en consecuencia.

Vivimos los días en que se gesta nuestra próxima revolución, y debemos conocer nuestra postura ante el enemigo.
OVRD es una organización de jóvenes en pro de la revolución demócrata en México