Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Check This Out!

Hey Guys,

Check this out Do you see anything familiar? In case some of you do not know, the opening layout was done by Alissa. We will be ordering some Polar Bear Press at CHA!

Also, check out the Bio and picture of Heather, our new photography teacher. I am really looking forward to her class.

ALERT! We only have 2 spaces left for the Dinner and a Crop!

See Y'all soon,

India & Nonna

P.S. Gyspy Harvest is coming! Keep a watch on our web site!


Angela 6:44 PM  

Congrats Alissa! I love that LO!

Heather, great Bio! You're such a cutie! Hmmmm...looks like I will be taking another class!

Heather 9:48 AM  

Thanks so much Angela...I'm feeling very cute today because of you! :)

Yes Alissa...I saw it in the store too. Great picture!