Sunday, September 17, 2006

Birthday Celebration!

Hey Guys,I wanted to share with ya'll a picture of some of the sweet young ladies who brought me cards and gifts. The beautiful flowers are from Hannah Snyder.

First of all let me say how completely honored I am by all the wonderful cards and gifts that were given to me. I was so surprised by how many people came by and brought me cards, gifts and birthday greetings. I felt very loved and cared for. Thank you sooooo.......much.

My birthday week started out with a wonderful surprise. My family received FREE tickets to a reception honoring Harper Lee. For those of you do not know, Harper Lee wrote "To Kill a Mockingbird." It is one of my favorite books. The reception hall was crowded with people and the award ceremony was interesting. The cards and gifts from you guys rounded out a fun filled birthday week.

Let me update ya'll on classes. There are only 3 spots left in the Freestyle Class and only 2 spots left for the 2 Day Crop. We have people already signed up for the Masking Class and the Design Class. Also, we have a few spots left in the Doodling Class. New people are signing up each week for Maniac Madness. More about this will be on the web soon.

We have a special event planned for next weekend so watch your e-mail. I will announce the winner of the Memory Dock Page Planner tomorrow. Oh, by the way we got in Basic Grey Ribbon and Chipboard letters on Friday. Most of my other orders should arrive next week. Most of them have been shipped. I am checking on the new Disney items and should know more about them tomorrow. We have some surprise items coming in and will announce those later in the week. See ya'll soon.

Thanks Again,



Carol,  3:02 PM  

Glad your week was so special! Can't wait to see the new I need anymore...but I will be in sometime to see what else I can't live with out! Thanks for having such a fun store....I feel like I am walking into "Cheers!!!!( everyone- well, India and Nona- know my name!)

Cheryl Wray 10:42 AM  

I was so sad not to make it by the store. I had my card all ready to go, then one of my daughters got sick and had to stay home from school.
TKAM is my all time FAVE book. We call our little one (who's name is actually Sydney) Scout most of the time!